Get to know ROVA

Cats and ROVAs are made for each other.

How do you know which method of saying ‘thank you’ works best with your ROVA? The answer is simple – trial and error. 

There are no short-cuts or hacks: the secret lies in spending time getting to know your ROVA. Just choose one of the five thanking methods – such as giving gifts – and use this method exclusively to thank your ROVA for one month of cleaning. 

When you’re finished, simply open the ROVA app on your smartphone or tablet and go to Performance Analysis. Your results will be presented for you to review under the three headings of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Energy Costs.

You’ll find a summary of how well ROVA performed (shown below). Next, try another thanking method for a month and compare.

Time Period: Last Month
Thanking Method: Giving Gifts
Score: 4.5 out of 5