Thanking ROVA

So how do you thank your ROVA? Easy! As you’ll see from the diagram above, there are five ways to show your appreciation for your ROVA, including sending it a virtual gift via its app or giving it a pat. ROVA even enjoys playing fetch.

Just as some people might like being thanked with a hug and others with a bunch of flowers, so each individual ROVA has its preferences. The real challenge lies in discovering which style of thankfulness motivates your ROVA the most. 

As you get to know your ROVA you’ll understand what keeps it performing at its peak – and saving you money. Just like any relationship, it takes time to develop. But because ROVA is more like a companion than an appliance, thanking your ROVA will soon become part of your routine. 

Ready to check out the sizes and colours yet? Or would you like to experience ROVA in action?